Saturday, October 16, 2010


This is me.

I'm an otter. I may not be large enough to be a bear but I am hairy in most places. Partially stocky, en peu muscular, definitely wrapped with hair.

I always sport a stubble. I am clean-shaven for just a few hours. Then my beard would regrow and my face would sport a 5 o'clock shadow before sunset. I always have hair all over my body. I do not trim them. I like them just the way they are.

As an otter, I always make sure that I groom myself. I often run my hands on my chest and feel the patch between my areola. No, I do not comb them. That patch is connected to my hairy belly by a thick hairy line. I do not have a treasure trail. My abs are hiding beneath the layer of hair.

Needless to say that my legs are hirsute. I got hairy quads, hairy hamstrings. All the more reasons for my developed calves to hide. Some people have preference for hairy legs. Me included. I just like them hairs wrapped a man's pair of legs. I find it sexy in a way.

Fur is welcome. Fur is sexy. I am defined by my fur and by my decision to keep my body hairy. Whether or not people will like it, I don't care. N'importe quoi. But for those who fancy otters, here's a warm hairy hug. GRRRRHHH



  1. ahahhaa..hmmm..wonder how it's like to sleep with an otter? bwhahahaha :P

    i've got hairy legs too, but hair only around the areola...and of course i've got a thick bush hahah :P

  2. it would be probably a hairy encounter with much grrrhs and woof-woofs. ahaha.