Thursday, October 21, 2010

In Sugarlandia

It tasted like strawberries. Sweet and oily against my lips as I bobbed my head to run my lips up and down his shaft. The rubber was finally put in place. His tool has risen for the occasion.

Then he reached out for the KY Jelly from the side table and handed it to me. I took the tube of lube from his hands and pressed it. The tube popped and copious amount of KY oozed out. I placed some of it in my arse, some I put in his dick, the rest, I put in my hard throbbing member.

He was rock-hard. Probably because we hadn't had sex for weeks. He was extremely horny. I was extremely excited.

I poked my arse with my index finger and evened out the lube on my rim. I was forcing it to loosen up. I wanted it to be ready for the home run. As I massaged my hole, I stroked his cock with my left hand. His cock was dying to get some arse. I pumped his condom-wrapped shaft for a while. Pleasure on its heels, orgasm is in the offing.

I always like to see him tortured in bed. By torture, I mean leading him on to the brink of orgasm and just when he's almost in the verge of erupting, I would stop jerking his penis or stop swallowing or sucking it before he screams out in utmost orgasm.

I continued stroking my hole while I pumped his shaft. Him, lying in on his back while I genuflect over him and positioned myself directly above his cock. I lowered myself a bit and felt the cockhead knocking on my bottom door. I let the head poke me. I lowered myself even more and felt that the tapered head was about to break me in two. I breathed slowly, trying to lessen out the pain. My mouth wide-open from the sheer delight of the moment.

His hands held my hips as he slowly guided me down to his tool. He thrust his hips upward, pushing his dickhead deeper into me. My mouth opened, legs shaking, my hands grasped the arms that were fastened on my sides. I pushed myself further. I felt the warm length of his cock. It was so stiff when it slid entirely in my hole. I could feel his balls wanting to enter me as well. I began to hump in wild abandon.

The bed creaked as we rocked our bodies to the humping. I watched him suffer in pleasure. I heard him moan in tempo with the rocking. I knew that he liked it so much. He moaned like crazy. The "oh,yeah's" escaped my mouth as he drilled my hole harder and harder.

I reached for his mouth and kissed him. His lips were so soft and warm. I kissed him passionately. He parted my lips with his tongue and entered my mouth to meet my tongue.

He jerked his head only to catch his breath. I continued to ride his cock. He grabbed my cock and stroked it. I looked at him and saw him smiling. I knew what it meant. I rode him a little bit faster as he pumped my throbbing shaft up and down.

I couldn't take it anymore. I sensed my tool's about to explode. I pulled out his shaft from my manhole, and stroked it as I got nearer to his face. I arched my back  and thrust my crotch forward. I turned my head up and closed my eyes as I continued to pump my cock. The stroked got faster, my balls began to contract. He sensed that I was about to cum. He squeezed my sack and planted it with kisses. He reached for my nipples and made circles with them with his fingers.

Then I could not hold it much longer. I held my cock tight and placed it in his mouth. He sucked me like crazy as I moaned loudly in the night. I grabbed his head and pushed my cock in his mouth. He locked his lips around the shafthead. He continued to suck. I shivered. I exploded in his mouth and he swallowed all my juice.

He continued to suck me. I shook in utmost pleasure. I couldn't take it anymore, I pulled my cock from his mouth. I looked down on him, he looked up to me and smiled. "Make me cum," he said.

He pulled out the rubber from his dick as I lay beside him. I reached for his hard tool and stroked it so tightly. He moaned everytime I plant kisses on his nipples, then on his neck and then his mouth. He pressed my head on his chest, I fought back to suck his tits. My hand jerking his cock. I ran a thumb on its head and held the shaft tightly. His legs began to shake as if to signal his coming.

I pumped his tool faster. His moans grew louder. I moved closer to his cock. I enclosed it in my mouth and licked the head with my tongue. I continued stroking it, at a much faster pace. I sucked it hard. I felt the head nudging my tonsils. I bobbed up and down. His feet began to arch and his moans were replaced with "i'm cumming, oh jeez I'm gonna cum" so I locked my lips on his tool and waited for the eruption.

Then he came. Warm thick jizz landed in the walls of my mouth. He squirted the juice of pleasure. Warm squirts of pure love. I gulped them down. I continued to suck him off. He told me to stop. I continued on sucking him. He pushed my head away, I fought back and locked my lips on his shaft. I pressed his balls in the hope for more of his juice. It squirted some more.

He lifted my head up. He reached for my mouth. We kissed. Warm sweaty embrace sealed the moment. We breathed heavily. Chests heaving from the love we made. We smiled as we listened to the music of the night. Then silence began to crawl back, knocking in our room as we lay down to sleep, spooning.

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