Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beyond the Witching Hour

I woke up feeling that certain emptiness in my stomach - that familiar grumble and mumble within me that poked my mind to accept that I am hungry. I placed my hands on my hairy belly and checked if my six-pack had finally surfaced. I ran my fingers on the patch, then they went down a little to check the texture of my pubes. My hands reached out for my balls. I greeted them 'Maayong Aga.'

Then I moved up to shake my sleepy dick a bit, it grew and stood up to greet me back. Then i placed my hands back on my tummy before I made a huge effort to stretch my body, rising up to cover and block the early morning sunlight from the window.

My fingers felt something on my belly. Dried cum. It's mixed with KY Jelly.  Hard entangled bunch of hair. My eyes felt heavy and groggy as I tried to figure out if the morning has already broken. I stared at my hairy tummy again. A hand, dainty and soft landed on it, breaking the hairy patch. I looked at my left and smiled at him. Care Bear, spent and exhausted, smiled back at me.

A few hours back, at the witching hour, I covered myself with sheets and revved myself down to sleep. Care Bear was still sitting in a corner, tinkering with his lappy. I closed my eyes and drifted away to neverland.

Sleep got interrupted when the bed shook. I sensed that Care Bear was about to lie down beside me. He joined me under the sheets. I could feel the warmth emanating from him. He's about to take his sleep. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. Hmmm. He was up to somehing. I think he guided my fingers to his balls to cup them. I tried to be unmoved but I could only manage a feign sleep. A kinky smile escaped my lips.

I didn't move my fingers. He moved closer to me. His warmth covered me with excitement. "Make me cum," he said. I didn't say anything. I continued to feign sleep. He moved my hand up and had me stroke his tool. Hard as a rock. Solid and hot. I didn't know how many times I had held his manhood. But this time, it was totally hard and angry.

I moved my hand, up and down, squeezing it softly as I ran its length with my hand. Care Bear drew his breath and exhaled heavily, moaning like hell everytime my thumb made circles on his tool's head. His moans were drowned by the sound from the aircon and his sighs engulfed the silence of the night. I continued to stroke him, gradually increasing speed. His moans grew louder, his chest, rose and fell like crazy. His body arched in sheer ecstacy.

I slowed down on the stroking. I told myself, no way he's going to cum first. His body fell back in bed. "I almost came. Why are you stopping?" he whispered. "I want to cum first," I said.

It didn't take much time before he stirred and moved on top of me. He burried his face on my neck. His lips planted me with kisses. His stubbles tickled me wild. He pinned me on my back as continued to like my ears. His breath was warm against my skin. He parted my legs and placed his heavy frame in between. Our hard dicks pressed between our bellies.

I could only bring my self to moan. I could not say his name out loud as he tried to hump me. I was in deep pleasure. His shaft was so hard that I wanted to ride it. It was very hard, in between our bodies.

I whispered to him "I want to ride it."

"But I don't know if we still have rubber," he said. "Shall we fuck?"

"Let's not," I replied.

And beyond the witching hour, silence is broken by the howls and outburst of pleasure translated into cum that hardened in time to meet the break of day.

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