Monday, October 11, 2010


I have never been married. I am at this stage and phase in life where raising a family of my own is farthest from my mind. I have listened to a lot of stories of how difficult it is to get hitched, to have children and provide them with a comfortable life. I've listened to stories au contraire and felt sorry to those who could not even put their children's lives and their own together. It didn't even help to hear accounts of domestic violence and marital problems that eventually led to families being broken and torn.

I chose to be selfish. I needed to have the luxury of time, money, love and life all for my dear self. I should enjoy what I have worked hard for. I made sacrifices not because I want to share it with someone who wasn't even born. The sacrifices I made are entirely for my own personal gain. What I am currently doing and the things I did in the past are all for the sake of my self, for my existence, for my own.

And for the things I will be doing in the future, definitely, it would be for my own satisfaction. Je suis célibataire. I am single. Those who belonged to a certain faith or religion would think that I am single because I have never involved myself in any exchange of matrimonial vows. I am categorized as a single man, in the eyes of various churches. But I don't really care.

I fear commitment. I fear saying "I do" to someone in front of a lot of people. I do not want to promise anyone my undying love. Not inside a church. Not in front of people who do not approve of me and the kind of life I have. Not in a faith which is not completely fair and objective. And I do not want such kind of ceremony.

I simply hate responsibilities not of my own. End of.

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