Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Can Carry A Tune

Time will reveal.

I never get tired of singing that particular El DeBarge song. What can I do to make you feel secure? You should be. I am not a very good singer. I could not sing very well. But I can carry a tune. But the tune couldn't carry me. Non-reversible. Not in equilibrium. How I wish I could sing so well.

It's part of my repertoire. Everytime an opportunity pops up for me to sing with the aid of that certain noypi innnovation which is the videoke, that song would always be covered. Remove all your doubts now.  I am not really that talented. The chanteur in me would just like to have circuit exercises using my vocal chords.

Somewhere along my 32 years of existence, I had some unforgettable moments where I sing in front of people other than my family and relatives.

  1. In grade school. As Prince Charming. *cough cough* Clad in white from the satin shirt down to the socks with a red cape and red lipstick on.
  2. A school production of Musicals which included songs from Oliver. "Where is Love?"
  3. High school choir singing Visayan carols in Parian (old district in Cebu).
  4. UP Singing Ambassadors. I almost made it to the UPSA but I stopped going to the vocal training due to a lot of considerations.
  5. On a riverboat in Loboc, Bohol during a company-organized conference.
  6. A Capella of a religious song sung with officemates for a company activity.
  7. Christmas party in Makati where I sang "All I Want" by Toad the Wet Sprocket.
  8. In a Boracay wedding. 
Of course, in our town's fiesta, neighbors could not escape from listening to that El DeBarge song. Either they would have to endure that, or someone else would sing "My Way" and get butchered in the process. 

Oh just when and where would I see the fulfillment of my dreams?

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