Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 Hours

My hands on the steering wheel. My eyes wandering from left to right trying to follow on the directions that he uttered. We were almost there, he said. He was trying to be the navigator, telling me where to go and where to turn.

We were trying to get a room for a few hours.

It was to be our first time. Our first time to make love.

A couple of turns and intersections, destination was reached. It was nightfall.

The garage door closed down as soon as I got the car parked. A room was ready for us. Jitters. Shiver. Shakes. I was nervous. It was to be my first time in a motel.

I didn't have much time to process what was happening.

He locked the door behind me. There was an ante-room. He reached for the other door and opened it for me.

I noticed the huge bed. White sheets with a crown logo in the middle. Carpet floors. Thick concrete walls. There was nothing in the ceiling except for a huge mirror. One side of the room was all mirrors too.

He walked towards the tube. Switched it on, chose the porn channel before moving back and adjusted the light that came from the side lamps. He moved smoothly in the room, trying to set the tone and brightness of the place where we would be doing something together for the first time.

It got me so nervous. As I began to take off my shoes, I felt my body shaking from the thought that I would be experiencing something with a totally different person. I stared at the mirror and saw myself with a big question on my face. I tried to ask myself if I knew what I was about to do.

His hands touched my shoulders, letting them run down the lengths of my arms. Through the mirror, I saw his already naked frame. His breath i felt behind my head, whispering sweet nothings as he began to pull my shirt up and took it off. He then reached for the button of my khakis, fumbled for it in front and pulled the zipper down.

I helped him pull my pants down to my ankles. I was down to my underwear.

He wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his hardness pressing against me. I felt my knees quivering in sheer excitement. I felt his hands holding my waist. Fingers fixed at the waistband. He was going to take down the last thing I wore.

I didn't know what to expect. But there I was, in a motel room, about to be uncovered by someone who would like to know me more in just 3 hours.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Don't Drop It

I never asked for someone who could offer me the stars in the night. Just someone to lay down and watch them with is enough.

I lay in front of him and rested my head on his chest. He sat behind me, head bent to rest on my nape. He was silent. But his breath came to tickle my ears. Puffs of air constantly touching my lobes as if to whisper to me that he's there. His arms wrapped around my shoulders, my body squeezed between the massive arms that embrace me. He held me tight. I clung to him. We hang on to the moment.

The stars continued to shine for us. They painted the skies with lights to give us shelter for the night. We sought shade under the stars. Our hearts began to wonder what's in store for us in the days to come. We both know that we started something magical. We started to feel comfortable with each other. We started to feel something for each other.

And we just kept still. We remained silent. We listened to the music of our hearts. And it felt great. Being next to him, being with him, tangled in his embrace. And I just didn't want the moment to end. I was enjoying the time with him. I couldn't describe how happy I was then. It felt right.

I'd never felt anything quite like it for so long. We didn't have to say anything. We didn't have to make a sound. We just needed to be still.

In silence, I started to think about the journey I will be taking with him. Short, brief imaginings and what dreams may come. I got excited just be trying to think of things to say to him, of plans I want to share with him, and what places I want to go with him. I was so caught up in the moment.

He stirred. He moved a bit and took out something from his pocket. He pulled out his hand and opened his palm in front of me. I turned around to face him, as he began to unwrap three menthol candies.

He put one in my mouth. He put one in his. "Don't drop these," he said as the last candy was placed between his teeth and fastened with his luscious lips. One half of the candy was already in his mouth. He began to move his lips closer to mine and let me touch the other half with my mouth.

Our lips met once more. They covered the candies that we shared. We kissed once again. I pressed my mouth hard against his mouth, holding his face as I tasted his sweet rich lips. With his tongue, he pushed the candy inside me and I let it roll on my tongue, letting it move around while his tongue invaded my mouth.

He passed on his candy too. As we kissed, there were 3 menthol candies trying to move around our locked tongues. Deep sweet kisses with candies in-between and moving from my mouth to his and back.

I wrapped my arms around him. He held my face. We continued on kissing. He moved his hands from my face, slowly moving down to my chest. I breathed hard as his hands continued to glide down to my waist, then moving to the sides before finally resting on my behind. He pressed his hands hard against my butt and pulled me much closer to him. I held  and hugged him tightly.

I tried to part myself from the kissing. I tried to stop to catch some air and then resume with the kissing. Almost indescribable. It felt so amazing. It felt alright.

And on and on the kissing went.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It was just the two of us. High up on a hill away from busy nothings of the city. We were there one chilly night, standing by a bamboo enclosure made for those who needed privacy.

It was dark, almost pitch black. He was standing at one end of the cottage. I stood at the other side. We both looked at the vast expanse of light that covered the metro. We stared at the city in silence.

Dead silence. Until I heard my heart beat racing fast, as if I knew what was about to happen. The deafening silence wrapped us for a while. I pretended to watch the lights from the bridges, from the island, from the airport. I tried to locate the lights of the runway.

I glanced upon him as he looked into the bridge lights as well. He moved his head and his eyes seemed to follow the blinking lights from a plane that was about to touch down. His head moved from his left then to his right, he moved his eyes until he stopped. He was then facing me. And then he looked straight into my eyes.

I didn't turn away. I met his stare, even though its dark in the cottage, I knew that his stare was different. Transfixed in some way. The stare was like piercing me to the point of surrender. I suddenly began to feel the shiver up my spine.

I wanted to break the silence. I thought of things to say. I tried to ask him something, of whether or not he liked the city lights or the cool breeze or whatever. I got nervous. I choked for the lack of words to say. I tried not to believe that there's a romantic tension building up between us.

A few silent moments more. I waited for him to say anything. He didn't talk. He kept on staring at me.

Then he moved closer to me. I slightly moved a bit and stood at one corner of the cottage. I pretended to look at the city lights again. He got closer and closer until he stopped and stood right next to me. He pretended to look at the lights too. I felt my hips touching his. His warmth pressed on my side. I began to feel the comfort of his body hugging me.

He moved his right arm and wrapped it around me. His right hand holding my love handle. Dead silence. Electrifying. He must have felt the shivers. And it's not from cool November breeze.

"The city lights are awesome. And so are the stars". He said it as he raised his head and looked above the city lights. I followed on. I lifted my face and looked into the scattered lights above. I was caught in the moment, I forgot how beautiful the stars were.

Then he reached for my hands and led me to a bench at the other side of the cottage. As he sat, he spread his thighs and pulled me to stand between his legs. I saw myself too close to him and I couldn't get out because I was entangled in his stares.

My heart beat faster. My face was already inches away from him. His lips are so close to mine. The dead silence was broken only by the rush of air getting in and out of us. He then placed his hands at the side of my head. He held my face, his thumbs touching the length of my jaw before they traced the softness of my lips.

He formed a smile, as if to ask for a passionate kiss. I pressed my body forward, pressing it against his, as he moved his face closer to mine. I closed my eyes. 

For the first time, his lips touched mine.

We kissed. Deep, long, passionate kiss. I never had a kiss like that. It was pleasurable. It was delightful. It was more than I could ever imagine.

He locked his legs around me. I wrapped my arms around him. We sealed the space between us with intimate kisses. 

And it went on and on. We kissed, unmindful of the chilly night, not fazed by the sheer silence of the moment. The heavens lay witness to our first kiss.

My journey with him was about to be written in the stars.