Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 Hours

My hands on the steering wheel. My eyes wandering from left to right trying to follow on the directions that he uttered. We were almost there, he said. He was trying to be the navigator, telling me where to go and where to turn.

We were trying to get a room for a few hours.

It was to be our first time. Our first time to make love.

A couple of turns and intersections, destination was reached. It was nightfall.

The garage door closed down as soon as I got the car parked. A room was ready for us. Jitters. Shiver. Shakes. I was nervous. It was to be my first time in a motel.

I didn't have much time to process what was happening.

He locked the door behind me. There was an ante-room. He reached for the other door and opened it for me.

I noticed the huge bed. White sheets with a crown logo in the middle. Carpet floors. Thick concrete walls. There was nothing in the ceiling except for a huge mirror. One side of the room was all mirrors too.

He walked towards the tube. Switched it on, chose the porn channel before moving back and adjusted the light that came from the side lamps. He moved smoothly in the room, trying to set the tone and brightness of the place where we would be doing something together for the first time.

It got me so nervous. As I began to take off my shoes, I felt my body shaking from the thought that I would be experiencing something with a totally different person. I stared at the mirror and saw myself with a big question on my face. I tried to ask myself if I knew what I was about to do.

His hands touched my shoulders, letting them run down the lengths of my arms. Through the mirror, I saw his already naked frame. His breath i felt behind my head, whispering sweet nothings as he began to pull my shirt up and took it off. He then reached for the button of my khakis, fumbled for it in front and pulled the zipper down.

I helped him pull my pants down to my ankles. I was down to my underwear.

He wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his hardness pressing against me. I felt my knees quivering in sheer excitement. I felt his hands holding my waist. Fingers fixed at the waistband. He was going to take down the last thing I wore.

I didn't know what to expect. But there I was, in a motel room, about to be uncovered by someone who would like to know me more in just 3 hours.