Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ice Cold Burning

The rain had poured so heavily in the island. While the places in the north has been ravaged by Typhoon Megi, Cebu was drenched wet with rain. It has been raining for days.

The sound of raindrops hitting the roof of Care Bear's house grew louder by the moment. The noise was so loud I could barely hear what he was saying. In the main room of Care Bear's bungalow, I saw him moved his mouth but I could not understand what words came out of his formed lips.

I was lying on his bed. Sprawled naked, head resting on the pillows. I stared at him with wrinkled brows because I was so distracted by the rain outside. I don't know what he was trying to point out but I saw him trying to open up a small pack.

He was trying to break open a pack of lubes. Wrinkled brows dissipated. I smiled and waited for him to come back to the bed. Care Bear was stark naked. He flashed the sachet in front of me and tore it open. He quickly squeezed the pack onto his fingers as he went back and joined me in bed.

It continued to rain hard. Care Bear was hard as well. He lay down beside me and I felt his hard member nudging me. I saw the gel on his fingers. He reached for my balls and wrapped them with lube. My balls were wet with lube. He moved his fingers all over my nuts. I squirmed in response to his tactual sensation. He continued to run his fingers on my balls.

I moaned in delight. Care Bear had magic in his hand. My balls surrendered to his massage. I sensed that my dick began to grow hard. He started to plant my neck with kisses. I pinned his head deeper. For a moment, he moved his face up and planted me with kisses. His hands, still busy juggling my balls.

In the heat of the ice cold rainy day, I breathed deeply. I gasped in the pleasure of the moment. I allowed my self to suffer in delight. I heaved out a sigh. A deep but loud moan escaped my mouth. I could no longer contain myself. I could not bear it any longer. I screamed.

"Gahhhhddd. Ang hapdi ng betlog ko! (God. My nuts sting!). Aray! Parang nilagyan ng Vicks Vaporub. Ang sakit! What were you trying to say kanina?," I asked him.

"I said, we ran out of KY so I got us this ice cool menthol lubricant," he replied.  He continued on. "It's for an explosive sensual experience brought by an intensely pleasurable cooling sensation."

Yah yah yah yah. How can one explode when the nuts go numb? 

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