Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Regrets

I have no regrets.

The long-distance long-term relationship has finally ended. It has come to a close. I somehow saw it coming. He somehow sensed that it was coming. We couldn’t stop it from coming. It had to come. Our relationship had to end.

We split up. We cut our ties. We contemplated on burning the bridge. We pondered on the ties that bound us for a decade and a half. That certain connection, we felt that it had worn-out, had weakened through time. It had become brittle by constant pressure we made on our relationship. That certain connection had given up on us. It had finally given in.

As we went our separate ways, we took different paths. I took the path opposite his. I took that path, never thinking how he’d manage to take his; never knowing if he’d be strong enough to go on with his life without me. I walked away from him, not thinking about the changes he would do with his life; not caring anymore if he would breakdown and cry or be angry with anyone. I must have to walk on and start thinking about my own life.

I have to move on with my life. Emotions had been placed at the backseat. I need to prioritize on my happiness. Life is really short. I don’t need to spend much time mourning for the death of our relationship. I had already cried. I had already endured the pain of the break-up. I had gone to the bottom of sadness. I needed to pick myself up and be happy once again.

My heart has suffered a lot. It had endured the aches for so long. It’s badly bruised. My heart had weakened through time. Now I need to make it healthy again. I need to stop the murmur from every single beat. It had to pacify. It had to be worry-free. It needs to be happy. It needs to love again.

I have no regrets.
I have only my heart.
I have to be happy.
I have to be ready to love someone again.

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