Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Treadmill Accounts

Four minutes more then I'm through with the 15-minute run on a treadmill. I was sweating profusely, I wet my shorts and my muscle shirt was sticking to my skin like crazy. Gerald, my personal trainer was watching at the side, as he checked on the speed that I was using. A series of abs exercise was scheduled for me that day.

Gerald always wanted to me to warm up using the treadmill. I am not complaining though. I prefer it over a stepper or a rotex or even a rower. The gym's got a lot of treadmills too. I liked how these equipment are arranged. One could get a complete view of the gym sections.

I picked the treadmill at the second row, near the center aisle. From there, I could see clearly the GroupEx area, the stretching and core, a portion of the free weights and the entire floor where the work-out machines were placed.

It is a perfect vantage point for observing gym rats and gym enthusiasts and the things they do on the side. A panorama of muscles and bodies and sweat interacting with machines and trainers and fellow members. A vast view of people working out and of people in various degree of flirting.

I was inching closer to the end of my warm up when I spotted him at the free weights area. Dino just came from the men's locker room and he went straight to the section where most guys prefer to work out.

He was clad in Nike products once more. Topped with huge black headphones, Dino started to flex and stretch his extremities. I watched him move around the area, checking on the plates and dumb bells that he'd use for his work-out program.

The tread belt had slowed down, I checked on the mill and began to walk the remaining time. By slowing down, I could notice Dino walking towards another member. The guy was sitting on the bench placed in front of rows of dumb bells.

Like Dino, the guy was buff. The chest was massive, biceps were extremely developed. The guy appeared to be in his late 30s. He was in between sets. His gray muscle shirt was wet from the chest down to the pits. As Dino stood closely in front of him, the guy was wiping the sweat off his arms and feet with his pink hand towel.

Dino stood there for a while. I noticed my treadmill had come to a complete stop. But I stayed on the mill for a bit as I waited for Gerald to come and lead me next part of my program.

I continued to watch Dino and the buff guy. Dino was leaning on the plates rack. The buff guy was busy swirling his towel in front of him. They were talking, then Dino would burst into laughter. The buff guy would then move to another bench and change dumb bells. Then Dino would follow him there and continue to talk as the buff guy did his work-out.

Gerald tapped my shoulders. "Sir, are you done? Shall we proceed to the free weights now?"

"Sure. But wait a sec, are we doing biceps and chest today," I asked.

"You're right sir. We'll be doing a lot." The trainer waited for me to step down the treadmill. I picked up my towel and took out the earphones from the mills. Gerald followed me down to the free weights area.

I still saw them in the area. That time, Dino sat beside the buff guy. They were not talking. They were just sitting there. Seemed like I was staring at them for a while. Gerald tapped my shoulder once again.

"That's his boyfriend. A weekend warrior. They work out together."

It took a while before it sank in. I turned away.

Dino could never be mine.

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